Lumos Matrix

The first urban style Lumos Helmet, with integrated LEDs, turns signals, brake lights, completely customizable matrix panel and many more features.

Connect to the Lumos App to track your rides and share data with Apple Health or Google Fit.

Explore Matrix Animations

Lighting Modes

Bike lights like you have never seen. Stand out like never before.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • coming soon

Signal Modes

Activated articulated turn signals via the included wireless remote
  • Left
  • Brake
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Tech Specs

10+ hours runtime

Ride brighter for longer. With a 1800 mAh capacity battery, the helmet will easily last your entire commute, and then some.


An insane amount of tech with a hardshell that still comes in at a respectable 580g

Internationally Certified

CPSC / F1492 / EN1078 / AS2063

22 Bright White LEDs

Ensure that you're seen by on-coming traffic

Automatic Brake Light

With smart ride sensitivity adjustment through the Companion App to tailor to your type of ride

Turn Signals

Customisable through the Companion App to give the exact style you like

Durable Shell

Take a few more soft knocks without affecting the integrity of the protective foam layer

2 Sizes of Padding

To ensure you achieve the snuggest fit for the most comfortable riding experience

Remote Holder

Built-in remote holder. Dock the Lumos Remote whilst charging to charge both at the same time. 


Uniquely designed fit system to allow for long-haired riders to route their hair through giving a lighter, sweat-free ride. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Achieve a reliable connection to the Companion App through bluetooth standard. 

77 Individually Programmable RGB LEDs

Ride with highly expressive flashing patterns to attract attention, ensuring other motorists notice you on the road.

What's in the Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pre-order?

1. Get your helmet at the best price it will ever be.

2. Get it first before everyone else!

3. Get insider only exclusive updates as we complete the products and ship them out to you!

What's the right helmet for me?

That ultimately comes down to your own personal style, something we want to encourage by giving you multiple options. If you like to customize everything, we recommend Matrix. If you're not feeling as flashy, or just love minimalist design, Street is for you.

So many products are designed to have big tradeoffs between models, often forcing people to choose between style and functionality. We wanted to eliminate this frustration for our customers by offering the same great features in both models. Regardless of what helmet you choose, all our smart and safety features come standard.

When will I receive my pre-ordered Lumos Street or Matrix?

Matrix (non-MIPs): 

Regular pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of September 2019

Expedited pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of August 2019

All other models - Street (non-MIPs), Street with MIPs, and Matrix with MIPs:

Regular pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of October 2019

Expedited pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of September 2019

What are the sizing options?

Matrix and Street are designed to be one-size-fits-most, with two sets of padding to achieve your desired fit. 

Size is easily adjustable from 54cm to 61cm (approximately 21in to 24in).

Traditional helmets don't fit my head, will these?

Maybe! Most traditional helmets (including our Kickstart helmet) are designed to fit oval shaped heads. Matrix and Street were designed with a wider shell to accommodate a broader range of head shapes and sizes.

How long does the battery last?

The built in rechargeable battery lasts for an average of 4 hours in non-blinking mode. With our Lumos app you can adjust your blink settings to achieve your desired battery life. The battery lasts up to 10 hours in our in our most power saving blink mode.

Are the headlights and rear panel shatterproof?

Both the front headlights and rear panels are shielded by high quality polycarbonate, the same durable, shatterproof material used to make airplane windows and fighter jet cockpits.

In the event of an impact, the rear panel and headlights will not shatter.

What is MIPS?

Multi-Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is a brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. All MIPS certified helmets are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.7 meters per second. All Lumos helmets, whether or not they are equipped with MIPS, are tested and certified according to US and EU standards.