Lumos Matrix

The brightest helmet you've ever seen

From the team behind the award-winning Kickstart Helmet

See Them in Action

Harder. Brighter. Faster. Stronger.

Does anyone make real shit anymore? 

Over 1000 lumens of light beautifully and seamlessly integrated.


Lights. Lots of Lights.

Take on the night with striking animation lighting patterns designed specifically to stand out on the road and help you be seen.


"You'll get the attention of everyone on the road, which is the point."

A Bright Idea

The new front lights are now over twice as bright as the original Lumos Helmet.

Super Bright
Integrated turn signals
customizable flashing patterns

Express Yourself

Lighting Modes

Bike lights like you have never seen. Stand out like never before.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • coming soon

Signal Modes

Activated articulated turn signals via the included wireless remote
  • Left
  • Brake

Snug as a Bug

Lumos Street and Matrix fits a wide range of heads from 54cm to 61cm (~21in to 24in)

2-Way adjustable fit system
Integrated hairport
2 sets of variable padding

Because You're Worth It

We believe in prevention before protection, but in case the unthinkable happens, rest assured that our helmets are crash-tested and safety-certified to the highest standards. 

CPSC / F1492 (US)
EN1078 (Europe)

Lumos Maxi-mazing

Take your helmet further by integrating with smart features within the Apple ecosystem.

gesture controls through the apple watch
Sync with apple health / strava
new companion app (expected release AUG 2019)

Updates Magically. No Wands Necessary.

We're continually innovating and improving the software and firmware of our helmets.

Automatically keep your helmet up-to-date with the latest improvements and get access to awesome new features as we release them.


  • I was already in love with my original Lumos but the Matrix is on another level. Looks great, fits great, shines bright, stands out. This helmet is amazing and worth every penny!

    - Jess Ford, Matrix Helmet Beta Tester

  • The Lumos Matrix is definitely worth the price. The helmet itself is solid, high-quality construction, and came in a very nice presentation. The box it came in is fit for the high-end product inside. If you value your brain then don't think twice. Just get it and be safe on the road.

    - Sandy Brambila, Matrix Helmet Beta Tester

  • I love it! The helmet is easy to use and the lights are even better in person. Pull the trigger, you won't be sorry.

    - Sam Applegate, Matrix Helmet Beta Tester

  • I like the design and the shape of the helmet. The different ways of lightings are amazing. I am sure this will be a life saver in the streets and on the roads.

    - Martin Herter, Matrix Helmet Beta Tester

Timeline from Pre-Order to Delivery

Lumos Matrix

Advanced Futuristic Flair



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Lumos Street

Powerful Minimalist Style



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why pre-order?

1. Get your helmet at the best price it will ever be.

2. Get it first before everyone else!

3. Get insider only exclusive updates as we complete the products and ship them out to you!

What's the right helmet for me?

That ultimately comes down to your own personal style, something we want to encourage by giving you multiple options. If you like to customize everything, we recommend Matrix. If you're not feeling as flashy, or just love minimalist design, Street is for you.

So many products are designed to have big tradeoffs between models, often forcing people to choose between style and functionality. We wanted to eliminate this frustration for our customers by offering the same great features in both models. Regardless of what helmet you choose, all our smart and safety features come standard.

When will I receive my pre-ordered Lumos Street or Matrix?

Matrix (non-MIPs): 

Regular pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of September 2019

Expedited pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of August 2019

All other models - Street (non-MIPs), Street with MIPs, and Matrix with MIPs:

Regular pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of October 2019

Expedited pre-orders are expected to deliver at the end of September 2019

What are the sizing options?

Matrix and Street are designed to be one-size-fits-most, with two sets of padding to achieve your desired fit. 

Size is easily adjustable from 54cm to 61cm (approximately 21in to 24in).

Traditional helmets don't fit my head, will these?

Maybe! Most traditional helmets (including our Kickstart helmet) are designed to fit oval shaped heads. Matrix and Street were designed with a wider shell to accommodate a broader range of head shapes and sizes.

How long does the battery last?

The built in rechargeable battery lasts for an average of 4 hours in non-blinking mode. With our Lumos app you can adjust your blink settings to achieve your desired battery life. The battery lasts up to 10 hours in our in our most power saving blink mode.

Are the headlights and rear panel shatterproof?

Both the front headlights and rear panels are shielded by high quality polycarbonate, the same durable, shatterproof material used to make airplane windows and fighter jet cockpits.

In the event of an impact, the rear panel and headlights will not shatter.

What is MIPS?

Multi-Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is a brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. All MIPS certified helmets are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.7 meters per second. All Lumos helmets, whether or not they are equipped with MIPS, are tested and certified according to US and EU standards.

Our Story. Our Mission.

Five years ago I was on my bike in Boston. It was night. I got clipped by a car, and I went down hard. The driver had not even seen me. Luckily I was able to walk away with just a few bruises, but I was shaken. I felt vulnerable, invisible, and unsafe.

I wanted a way to make sure that I would always be seen, and that was where Lumos was born. We took that idea to Kickstarter where we ended up raising over $800,000 from backers, making it the highest funded helmet project on Kickstarter ever. Since then we’ve built and shipped tens of thousands of Lumos Helmets all around the world. Lumos has been named the “Best Helmet for Commuters” by Business Insider, one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018. Lumos is also the first helmet of any kind to be sold in over 300 Apple Stores worldwide.

And we’re just getting started.

Our mission is to build the world’s best smart helmets and protect as many heads as we can, so that you as a rider can feel confident and safe wherever and whenever you ride.