The Urban Style Lumos Helmet Has Arrived

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Our New Helmet With Integrated LEDs Designed To Fit Your Lifestyle

From the award winning team that revolutionized cycling safety

Super Bright Lights

Staying Safe Has Never Looked This Good

Highly Customisable Matrix Display

One Style. Two Distinct Flavours.

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Signature Lumos Front Lights

Join Thousands Of Confident Lumos Riders Worldwide. It's Becoming A Thing. 

Come As You Are

The Minimalist Aesthetic Complements Any Style 

Make Your Intentions Clear

Sometimes It's Better To Be Predictable


Minimalist Chic 
Super Bright
Urban Style Helmet


Completely Customizable
Highly Expressive
Urban Style Helmet

What Our Customers Say...

Perfection in Motion

Shawn H.

"I landed head and shoulder first. I awoke five minutes later to paramedics loading me into an ambulance [...] it held up to the force of a headfirst landing. You have a customer for life."

James M.

"What a brilliant bit of kit [...] worth every penny."

Mandy C.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Valerie T.

"I was thrilled to see how much attention I attracted [...] it felt like I was calming traffic by making each car aware of me." 

Peter C. M.

We had motorists holler as they go by that they liked our lights, that we were very visible [...] very happy with the helmet!

Meredith B. K.

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